Hubbles Levels Program

Swimmers progress is guided by our very own carefully constructed levels program. This helps with keeping swimmers on a progressive path at an individually suited pace. Our Hubbles characters will accompany your precious swimmers through their swimming journey with us at Swim Hub.


Baby Swim Classes (from 6 months) 
Group classes offered in a suitably warm pool. These classes allow your baby to feel more comfortable and it’s a great way to bond with your baby.

Click here to watch a short video on how we do our baby classes.

Learn-To-Swim Lessons (from 3 years)
Our aim is to ensure the child is water safe and can swim confidently in any aquatic environment.

Click here to watch a short video on our learn to swim classes.

Nursery School Collection (from 4 years old)
We collect and deliver your child from local day care facilities with safe reliable transport keeping you updated on their progress at all time. These classes are well managed with a maximum of 6 learners between 2 teachers. we do require a minimum of 4 learners in a group. Contact us if you would like your day care facility to take advantage of this extramural activity.
Stroke Development Lessons and Mini Squads (from 4 years)
Teaching fundamental stroke skills and techniques, including body position, kicking, pulling, breathing and full stroke technique development. These are essential swimming skills and will give the swimmer the best foundation to progress to competitive swimming, should they wish to do so.
Adult Learn-To-Swim Lessons (all ages)
It is never too late to learn the wonderful skill of swimming! Here we ensure adults are taught important breathing and swimming skills to improve their confidence in the water and develop a love for this important life skill.
Aqua-Aerobics Group Classes (all ages)
Movement and physical exercises in the water to maintain and improve fitness, mobility, flexibility and muscle tone. Come and have fun in these group classes.

Click here to watch a short video about our aqua aerobics.